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Candle Making


Candles have been created and used for illumination for thousands of years. Although the history of candles is clouded over time, Ancient Egyptians, Chinese and Romans are known to have developed candles with a wick being seen for the first time at least 5000 years ago. Candles are mentioned in Biblical references, with the Emperor Constantine thought to have instructed the use of candles in Easter celebrations as far back as the 4th century.

Whether it be to illuminate the home, celebrate and worship or to allow travel at night, the candle has brought light to our lives deep into our history. Moving from the use of insects, plants and nuts to form a wax, through to animal fat (tallow) and in more recent times, beeswax and then paraffin, the substance of a candle has shifted as techniques improved. Today, VOLUSPA uses a coconut wax blend that burns extremely cleanly, is ecologically sound and works beautifully with the introduced fragrance. The waxes used in a VOLUSPA candle are beautifully creamy to the eye and burn 90% cleaner than a soy wax candle of the same size and fragrance.

Troy and Traci Arntsen created VOLUSPA candles for the first time in 1999, combining Traci’s expert nose and knowledge of botany with Troy’s engineering and technical background. The niche being within the striking packaging, extraordinary scent and prestigious appeal. Although candles have come a long way from simply being a method to see at night, they are still one of the most gentle, celebrated forms of illumination for a simple moment of meditation or to bring life and depth to the home through the appeal of a carefully selected fragrance.

Today, a VOLUSPA candle is an affordable element of luxury for everyday living. A gift of light, art and illumination, they grace celebrity homes and the pages of the leading lifestyle publications. In 2015, the first VOLUSPA website for the UK was established, selling candles directly alongside partnerships with some of the most respected and famous retail establishments in the world.