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Reed Diffuser



Scented Reed Diffusers

They have been used across Europe throughout recent history and are a more recent introduction to the United States, the home of VOLUSPA. Their history merges with the art and science of aromatherapy, blending oils and fragrance to heighten a sense of well-being and of course to introduce a luxury fragrance to any home or celebration. 

Reed diffusers work without any heat and with little need for maintenance. The base or container is simply filled with the provided fragrance and the hollow tubes that naturally occur within the reed draw up and diffuse the aroma into the air. A typical VOLUSPA reed diffuser (such as those in our Maison Home range), are uniquely designed with 18 fine gauge reeds to maximise the distribution of the fragrance. Simply put, the more reeds, the more fragrance!

Safe for use across the home, the VOLUSPA reed diffuser is made without phthalates, parabens and sulfates and is never tested on animals. Of course they give off no residue or noticeable drip in use so can be used as an element of decoration in any place where a lit candle may not be ideal. As soon as the reeds are introduced to the fragrance, diffusion begins and will continue for up to several months. Reeds themselves are fast growing, making the reed diffuser a sustainable gift or luxury addition to any home.

Select your reed diffuser based on design and fragrance, knowing that everything from the packaging, crisp paper wrapped box and images used are uniquely appealing from VOLUSPA. Even in comparison to nature’s own wonderful scent diffuser, the flower, a reed diffuser offers the benefit of longevity as well as perfection in combination of scents. Use them anywhere that a lit flame would be avoided and the attractive nature of the product would heighten the sense of everyday luxury.