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Scented Candles


The history of a scented candle dates far back into time. The production of scented candles varied across the world for at least 5000 years, with early candles in the Far East having a sweet smell from the fatty oils of tree nuts and Egyptians introducing essential oils and natural resins. In India, the foul smelling (but popular in the West!) tallow candle was replaced with those made using cinnamon to introduce a deeper, rich smelling candle for religious ceremony. Early Colonial candles may have featured the scent of bayberry, a plant used to make candle wax in a laborious process that came with a high price for the pleasing aroma.

Today, VOLUSPA uses an extremely clean burning coconut wax base, infused with a series of expert aromas for an experience of true luxury. Through our website you’ll find the perfect aroma for your home, gift or celebration, roughly divided into a series of scents. Those which are more citrus or fruity, for example Apricot & Aprilia, Pink Citron or Santiago Huckleberry. Scented candles which are more floral, including Mokara, Muscari, Tiares, Flora Di Mare, Jasmine Brown Sugar or Atelier Provence Lavande. The luxury of an oriental or spiced candle evokes a world of history and celebration, including scents such as Baltic Amber, Suede Blanc, Clove Pomander and Cinnamon Ceylon & Copal. Finally those scented candles which evoke the sense of taste and smell into a wonderful Gourmand aroma, including Chestnut & Vetiver, French Bourbon Vanille, Macaron, Crisp Champagne and Visions of Sugar Plum.

Of course just the very names of the luxury scented candles evoke the senses but it is only in giving them light that we fully experience the world of luxury that VOLUSPA brings into our home. Celebrated across the globe from their origins in California, VOLUSPA scented candles are an art of fragrance that can be enjoyed every day.