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New Voluspa Luxury Scents in our Classic Vermeil Candle Collection

April 28, 2017

Our Vermeil collection combines luxurious scents with opulent designs and striking colours. With a nod to 1920s' design, the details are timeless and replete with glamour. The colours are interspersed with gold flecks and when opened reveal gold interiors to contrast with the colours and add a touch of luxe to everyday living.

Voluspa Floral Fragrance Luxuriously Creamy Scented Candles

March 27, 2017

Spring is bursting into bloom with blossom floral scents starting to fill the longer and warmer days. It’s a time to start to celebrate life and relinquish the shackles of winter, a time to look forward and plan ahead. While the flowers start to develop you can bring those floral scents into your home with the help of luxuriously creamy collection of floral scented candles. We’ve introduced some stunning new designs and scents for our 2017 collection of scented candles, diffusers and room sprays.

Luxuriously new scented candles in our Japonica Collection

February 27, 2017

To complement our already bursting Japonica Collection we’ve added 2 new fragrances, perfect timing for Spring as the flower start to burst into bloom. Our Japonica Collection is inspired by the beauty of Japanese paper making – the design is mesmerising as the candle light glows through the glass jars emitting a soothing and appealing atmosphere. The candle containers are intricate and stunning that when the candle has gone they live on in your home as a dazzling centre piece or container for flowers or trinkets.

The Magic of Candle Light

January 27, 2017

Illuminating your home with the flickering soft hues of candle light during the long winter nights. The delights allow you to see your home in a whole new light, with new shapes, angles and cosy nooks revealing themselves while you sit back and enjoy the relaxing soft hues given off by candle light.

Merry Christmas from Voluspa

December 19, 2016

We hope your friends and family love the luxurious scented candles you’ve bought them from Voluspa. Or if you’ve bought them to gently scent your festive home this Christmas then we hope they set the right tone for Christmas gatherings.