Christmas is all about celebrating together with warmth, cosy nights in and just generally forgetting the stresses of everyday life to relax with friends and family.


How you decorate your home this Christmas might not be just all about how things look, but also all about how it smells and how it makes you feel.

So when you’re considering how you’ll decorate your home this Christmas think also about how it will smell as well as how it will look.

Getting the right festive fragrance from you luxury scented candles is all about choosing the right ones for you and also the right ones for each Christmas occasions.

Here at Voluspa we have a whole collection just for Christmas scents called Maison Holiday. Each of the 4 scents come in a variety of beautifully designed and co-ordinated looks to match the scents and also match the season and inundated with flecks of metallics and bright colours sure to get noticed by your guests.


Spruce Cuttings for the perfect classic Christmas scent

Spruce Cuttings is a collection of luxury scented candles with a striking green theme interspersed with flecks of metallics to shine and glisten in the candle light. The scent is inspired by Royal Colorado blue spruce cuttings freshly snapped and trimmed for fragrance garland. It’s a classic festive fragrance.



Visions of Sugar Plum Festive Fragrances

Visions of Sugar Plum is a vibrant pink collection of sweet temptation with tart white plum and dried cherry that are dusted with powdered sugar, toasted hazelnut, and lemon zest.



Cinnamon Ceylon and Copal Scented Candles

A luscious deep rich orange collection with finely rolled ceylon cinnamon and cassia tops a blend of golden copal resin and amber. The colours add a wonderful warmth light to those cold nights by the fire and the scents  reminiscent of festive spices of ears gone by.



Blanc de Blanc classic whites for Christmas

The new fragrance in this collection is Blanc de Blanc and all white affair with flecks of gold metallic to glisten in the candle light. It’s made from chardonnay so the perfect accompaniment to Christmas where you can eat drink and be merry with Blanc de Blanc from Voluspa. Perfect for that new years eve party!